Mission and Vision

Formed in 1996, SportsChallenge Leadership Academy is an educational nonprofit that develops and empowers the next generation of leaders through residential summer programs and school-year workshops. We train a highly diverse group of student-athletes, coaches and adult leaders from all over the country who in turn positively impact their programs, schools and communities. All told, SportsChallenge has directly impacted over 4,500 students and educators from over 40 states and seven countries.


SportsChallenge Leadership Academy empowers student athletes to lead.


SportsChallenge envisions a world where today’s youth are prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders.

We believe sports are an optimal venue for teaching leadership lessons.

Nothing compares to the teachable leadership moments that exist every practice and game. Sports are often the first opportunity young students have to develop leadership skills. We strongly believe that with highly specialized leadership training, these athletes can develop into more complete and effective leaders.

We believe successful leaders must have the tools and confidence to relate to and respect those who are different from them.

Meaningful relationships across socio-economic differences do not take place with regularity; most students rarely have access to those who are from widely different socioeconomic backgrounds. In a society and workplace that is rapidly changing and becoming ever more diverse, the need for young adults to have the skills to lead and interact with those from very different backgrounds is significant.

We believe student-athletes from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to develop into successful leaders.

Many student athletes with whom we work, particularly those from underserved communities, do not see themselves as leaders. These student athletes typically have not had access to significant opportunities to develop or even display their leadership ability. We have seen that through their work with us, they evolve into more confident and motivated leaders who know how they can make a difference on their teams and in their communities.

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