Alumni Coaches

The following coaches graduated from SportsChallenge programs, went on to play collegiate sports, and then returned to SportsChallenge to mentor the next generation of student-athletes. Their long-term commitment and belief in SportsChallenge and the fact that the majority have gone on to careers in coaching and teaching has us at SportsChallenge especially proud.

Molly_Arenberg's picture

Molly Arenberg

Alumni Council Chair

Miguel_Barrera's picture

Miguel Barerra '05, '06

Boys Soccer Coach

Helen_Brown's picture

Helen Brown '10

Girls Soccer Coach

Chloe Carden's picture

Chloe Carden '03, '04

Girls Basketball Coach

Emily Conlon '99 - '01

Captain's Clinic Facilitator

Matt_Deasey's picture

Matt Deasey '99, '00

Boys Basketball Director; MD Candidate, Temple University (PA)

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Christian Galvan '02 - '05

Boys Soccer Coach

Li'Esha_Garcia's picture

Li'Eisha Garcia '02, '04

Girls Basketball Coach

Allison_Greene's picture

Allison Greene '05, '06, '08

Girls Basketball Coach

Kizmahr_Grell's picture

Kizmahr Grell '02

Boys Basketball Coach

Stephanie_Hare's picture

Stephanie Hare '06

Coach Across America Intern

Aubrey_Holle's picture

Aubrey Holle '06

Girls Soccer Coach

Sonija_Parson's picture

Sonija Parson '98-'01

Girls Lacrosse Coach

Jason_Polykoff's picture

Jason Polykoff '99

Workshop Facilitator; Assistant Basketball Coach, University of Pennsylvania (PA)

Jonathan_Puma's picture

Jonathan Puma

Boys Soccer Coach '09, '10

Matt_Roach's picture

Matt Roach '02, '03

Girls Basketball Coach

Celeste_Roberts's picture

Celeste Roberts '05, '06

Girls Soccer Coach

Sarah Salky '98 - '00

Girls Soccer Coach

Linda_Schirmeister's picture

Linda Schirmeister '05

Girls Soccer Coach

Andrew_Weinfield's picture

Andrew Weinfield '08

Boys Soccer Coach

Naquan Williams '00

Boys Basketball Coach

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